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A writing hand: my new space for writing in English

Hey, everybody!

So, yes! It is a reality.

After much thought, I have realized that perhaps this is the best way to reach that audience that wants to read me in English without mixing it with publications in Spanish. As a good colleague and professional of this world said: every audience (and every language) must have its space.

Therefore, I would want to welcome you all to my new corner in this vast world of the Internet: A writing hand. A corner where, for the first time, all my publications will be published only in English.

In that blog you may find, above all, the translations of fanfictions and stories that I have already published in Spanish through cuentosdemarieta.blogspot.com (we will start soon with my best-known one-shots) and here (Fanfic Thursdays, which will come a little later but will also arrive).

On the other hand, the original short stories published also in cuentosdemarieta.blogspot.com may be the last acquisition for this blog, depending on my time, feedback and availability 🙂 For checking all the Spanish versions you can do it also through the page in this blog called «Fanfic, relatos y colaboraciones»

That said, be very welcome to this new corner and let’s enjoy another great literary adventure together.

See you soon on «the other side» :D!

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