Antz, Hormigaz

Nuestro pequeño gran futuro
Antz (Hormigaz) (1998) - Filmaffinity

Avatar, la leyenda de Aang

The Last Airbender: 5 Reasons Sokka and Suki Were Soulmates (& 5 They  Weren't)


McQueen & Sally One Shots
10 Fast Facts About Cars | Mental Floss


Chicken Run

Pacmangirl1853 on Twitter: "If i get Chickens in the future, i'm naming  them after Ginger and Rocky from Chicken Run OH WAIT… "

Cómo entrenar a tu dragón (Hipo & Astrid)

Cómo entrenar a tu dragón #2
Hiccup and Astrid Cute Scene - HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 (2014) Movie Clip  - YouTube
Guardianes de Mema – Hacia nuevos confines (Serie)
Hiccup and Astrid - Kiss Me | Race to the Edge - YouTube


Divinity Original Sin 2

Donde el corazón te lleve (Lohse)

Dragon Ball: los guerreros de plata

Cuando quieras volver (Vegeta & Bulma)

Dragon Ball Super

Vegeta & Bulma (One-shots)
Dragon Ball: 10 Times Vegeta Proved He Loved Bulma | CBR

Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta y Bulma (One-shots)
Vegeta finally returns | Bulma invites Vegeta to her house! Ep118 - YouTube
Tensión (Vegeta & Bulma)
BatViolett on Twitter: "And Part 3 of Tension, or how I call it now: A  woman's weapons more to come asap :) #vegebul #vegebulday #69fes #vegeta # bulma #tension #dbz…"

Historia inspirada originalmente en el cómica «Tension» de @Redvioletti

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Amemos en libertad (Roy & Riza)
Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang | page 14 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
No volveré a hacerlo (Roy & Riza)
Don't go where I can't follow. — “Roy and Riza do not get married in manga  canon or...

Osmosis Jones

Ozzy X Leah by Tenshi3D on DeviantArt

Seven Deadly Sins (Ban & Elaine)

Sabía que llegaría
Amor Eterno
La noche más corta del año (post OVA «Cursed by Light»)
Un día especial (post-manga)
No nos rendiremos (post spin-off Lancelot)

BSO en Spotify


El mejor deseo

Star Wars

Episodio VII
5 Irredeemable Flaws in “The Force Awakens” | by Craig Ormiston | Medium
Episodio VIII
Controversial Reylo Tops 2020 Fandom Relationship Rankings | LaptrinhX /  News

Step Up

rt your otp on Twitter: "Moose & Camille - Step Up 3D and Step Up All In"


Disney +: pourquoi Moana a-t-il été renommé Vaiana dans certains pays ? -  MCE TV


Willow' on Disney+ is Extremely Horny | Decider

Zatch Bell

Zatch Bell! 2x46 The Battle With Brago - Without Sherry! - ShareTV

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